Law Student Uses Money Donated By Kind M'sians After A Joke On Twitter To Help B40 Families

Malaysians are so generous!

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Law Student Uses Money Donated By Kind M'sians After A Joke On Twitter To Help B40 Families

What a kind-hearted gesture.

If you want to know just how generous Malaysians generally are, look no further than this article.

What started off as a joke on Twitter has gotten a local law student a little bit richer.

A show of kindness

It all started when Imran Shah Misman jokingly shared his bank account number in a tweet sent out on the eve of his birthday.

“Damn, I’m turning 23 tomorrow. That’s crazy,” he tweeted, while including his bank account number.

Of course, he didn’t expect people to actually bank in money to his account, but that was exactly what happened.

He told Malay Mail that he was shocked to find RM160 in his bank account.

“Honestly, the Twitter statement was meant as a joke. I had no idea that my followers would actually donate to my account number,” he was quoted as saying.
Now, before you accuse Imran of benefitting from the kindness of Malaysians, he actually did something pretty awesome with the money he received.

After discussing with his mother, Imran decided to use the money to buy groceries for two B40 families staying near to his house.

According to Imran, he delivered the food items to the families the next day.

Sending love to those who need it.
“One of the family members of the first family we visited is a divorcee who is struggling to make ends meet and stays with her mother and her child.

“The other family consists of an orphan who stays with her grandmother,” he was quoted as saying.

He said that his noble act was such a rewarding experience, and added that he's thinking of working with non-governmental organisations (NGO) in the future to help those in need.

What a kind, young man!

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