PDRM Says Datuk Lompat Pagar And Addy Kanna Are NOT Involved In Macau Scam

Really ah?

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PDRM Says Datuk Lompat Pagar And Addy Kanna Are NOT Involved In Macau Scam
Dato Addy Kana Facebook/NST

Netizens, what say you?

Recently, the Macau Scam became the talk of the town after the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) detained those who were suspected to be behind one of the biggest scams rings in Malaysia.
Netizens were thrilled to finally see the names and faces behind the infamous scam, which also had ties to several local celebrities and hoped that those who were duped will be given justice.
However, it seems that this may take a little longer as Bukit Aman CID director Comm Datuk Huzir Mohamed revealed that two men who were detained recently were not involved in the Macau Scam or any scams as reported by The Star.
Are you a Macau Scam victim?
Both men who were known as Datuk Seri Goh Leong Yeong and Dato Addy Kanna were believed to be coordinators or agents providing lodgings and call centres for China nationals hired by scam cartels in China.
"The call centres, which operated from luxury residences and offices, are equipped with computers and telecommunication devices,” Huzir told the English daily.
"They conduct daily operations targeting China citizens for online gambling, foreign exchange (forex) scams as well as other forms of scams."
"Both men have nothing to do with scams or Macau Scams in this country," he added.
Fugitive on the loose.
Datuk Seri Goh Leong Yeong or also known as Alvin recently went viral and became an internet joke after he fled the MACC headquarters on 11 October by jumping over the fence in order to evade from being arrested by the police.
PDRM is still on the hunt for him.

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