Minister Chuckles Over 'Work From Home' Confusion; Netizens, Meanwhile, Don't Find It Funny


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Minister Chuckles Over 'Work From Home' Confusion; Netizens, Meanwhile, Don't Find It Funny
Facebook/Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia

Boy, this did not sit well with Malaysians.

The whole handling of the current control movement control order (CMCO) has been a mess.

From unclear directives to ever-changing standard operating procedures, it's safe to say that Malaysians have been left really confused since day one.

However, one minister reportedly found humour in the whole situation.

'Malaysians too impatient'

What's so funny, sir?
Senior Minister (Security) Ismail Sabri Yaakob has been a subject of ridicule on social media after he appeared to have chuckle over the confusion of 'work from home' SOPs announced on Monday (21 October).

He was addressing the public during his daily press briefing on Wednesday (21 October) when he touched on the subject of the confusing SOPs, Malaysiakini reported.

Chuckling, Ismail Sabri remarked that the confusion happened because Malaysians are too impatient to wait for further details from relevant authorities.

“I saw since last night that the entire country was in chaos.

“A lot of people were confused as the announcement yesterday was too general. But I said that I was to make a more detailed announcement today,” he chuckled.

In his latest update, Ismail Sabri mentioned that swab tests are now not mandatory for all employees working in red zones, only foreign workers.

On top of that, the government also made a U-turn on the 'work from home' rules announced earlier this week, further confusing Malaysians.

Netizens are not impressed

As you would expect, netizens did not take Ismail Sabri's chuckle and the government's flip-flopping decisions too kindly.

A whole lot of Malaysians took to social media to voice out their frustration:

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