Kind Abang Polis Gives A Ride To Student So That He Could Get To Exam On Time

Such a kind act.

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Kind Abang Polis Gives A Ride To Student So That He Could Get To Exam On Time
Facebook/Polis Diraja Malaysia

Truly a role model.

Sometimes, when it seems that all hopes are lost, a saviour might come to save the day.

And who knows, that saviour could be a kind-hearted abang polis.

A kind act

Abang polis to the rescue.
Twitter user Aimad Azfar (@aimadazfar) recently took to the social media site to share the story of how a policeman went beyond his scope of work to help his cousin.

Aimad shared that his cousin, who was on his way to school to sit for an exam, was stuck in massive traffic in Putrajaya after an accident involving a sand truck left the road which leads to his school completely blocked.  

Just when he thought that he would not make it in time for his examinations, an off-duty abang polis came to the rescue.

The road was blocked by a rolled-over truck.
The abang polis gave Aiman's cousin a ride to school, and he managed to sit for his examination.

“Thank you, sir, for sending my cousin to sit for his exam even though you were off work. A lorry met with an accident, the road was blocked and his exam was at 9am. I’m sorry I don’t know the officer’s name, please tag him here if you know him,” Aimad shared on Twitter.

His post received warm comments from netizens who praised the policeman's act of kindness.

Identity of abang polis revealed

After the tweet went viral, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) managed to identify the policeman as Constable Mohammad Khairul Azhar Abdullah.

Remaining humble, Mohammad Khairul Azhar told Malay Mail that he was just doing what any other person would do in that situation. 

“Helping people is just a humanitarian thing to do. As a police officer, it is my job to help people, it’s just that maybe this time more people know about it because our picture was taken,” he was quoted as saying, adding that he never thought his act would go viral.

We need more people like him! Thank you, abang polis.

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