Minister: Not Wearing Face Mask Is The Top RMCO Offence

How long will it take for it to become a habit?

  • Thursday, 29 October 2020
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Minister: Not Wearing Face Mask Is The Top RMCO Offence

Hello, cannot!

We've gone through so many stages of Movement Control Orders (MCO) now, reaching for a face mask before leaving home and keeping it on in public places should be second nature. 

However, this doesn't seem to be the case, according to Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. 

The minister said that the top offence during this Recovery/Controlled MCO is still people not wearing masks, with 196 out of 857 cases involving the offence on 26 October alone, Malay Mail reported.

Some don't even seem to mind flaunting the law in full public view

Social media seem to be littered with pictures and videos of people who seem to not wear masks or not wear it properly (under the chin, with nose uncovered, etc) and not even bothered about the consequences. 

A perfect example can be seen in a Bernama twitter thread covering the arrival of VIPs and those accompanying them to a political meeting held on 26 October. 

Here are a few screenshots from the thread if you're too lazy to go through them yourself.

We hope he has a good reason for not wearing a maskThe image is clearer in the videoSmile for the camera!Always remember to tell your friends to wear their masks

Netizens not happy, calling it double standards

Of course those who noticed the lack of masks, and the fact that there was a mass gathering in a CMCO area, led to netizens questioning the ability of these select few to be above the law and any SOPs set. 

Why is this still happening? We're sure there was police presence at the event. Were summons issued? 

Whatever it is, we need our leaders to, well, take the lead and set up a good example to the rakyat.

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