[VIDEO] Territorial Peacock Attacks Car After Spotting Its Own Reflection On It

Poor car owner!

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[VIDEO] Territorial Peacock Attacks Car After Spotting Its Own Reflection On It
Facebook/Motorist Singapore

A case of mistaken identity.

Getting a scratch or two on your car is something that’s bound to happen, especially with the wear and tear process as time goes by.

While scratches may happen due to a various reasons like minor accidents, a car owner in Singapore probably did not expect the culprit behind the scratches on his vehicle.

It wanted to fight

'Watchu looking at'?
According to a report by Malay Mail, the man’s car was scratched and slightly damaged by none other than a peacock.

We know, we know; it does sound hard to believe, but it's true, and the owner even has a video as proof.

In a 19-second video posted on Facebook group Motorist Singapore, the peacock can be seen staring at its own reflection on the car.

Then, seemingly unprovoked, the proud bird started flapping its wings and scratching the car with its claws.

Here's the full video, which has gone viral on social media:

While a majority of the netizens who watched the video was amazed by the unprovoked attack, a couple of them had provided the reason why the peacock was acting that way.

Peacocks are known to be very aggressive and territorial, and it probably thought that its reflection on the poor man's car was another bird.

Moral of the story: do not wash your car, so that a peacock can't see its own reflection on it.

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