Local Teacher In Rural School Uses Blue Plastic Bags To Build Imaginary Pool For His Students

How creative!

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Local Teacher In Rural School Uses Blue Plastic Bags To Build Imaginary Pool For His Students

Well done, cikgu!

As the saying goes, 'when there's a will, there's a way'.

A resourceful teacher in rural Sarawak took the mantra to heart when he built a 'swimming pool' out of recyclable material for his students.

No limit to imagination

Nothing beats a creative mind.
According to a report by Malay Mail,  Muhammad Nazmi Rosli used 200 blue plastic bags to build the “pool” and shared the work of his art on his Twitter page.

The shared photos showed students ‘swimming’ in the make-believe pool.

“This is the life of a teacher in a rural area. Whatever can be used will be turned into teaching materials,” wrote Muhammad Nazmi.

He told the news portal that he wanted to teach his students in Lawas about the importance of following safety rules and regulations.

Not only was the 27-year-old's idea creative, it was also not wasteful.

Looks like they're all having fun.
“I use the plastic bags once a week to throw rubbish away and I bought them in bulk because it is difficult to commute in and out of rural areas.

“We didn’t have any blue fabric to use for the pool so we had to use the plastic bags, and I kept them afterwards to reuse them for their intended purpose,” he wrote.

Muhammad Nazmi, who teaches the English language, told the news portal that the lack of facilities in rural schools challenges him to be more creative.
“At first, I was jealous of my friends who managed to get teaching jobs in the city as they can access more advanced education platforms and online learning.

“But in the long run, I feel like I am the right fit for this school because there are many upsides to turning discarded materials into teaching tools that can benefit students here,” he said.

We need more teachers like him!

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