'Single', 'No Depression': Local Company's Sexist Job Advertisement Riles Up Netizens

What were they thinking?

  • Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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'Single', 'No Depression': Local Company's Sexist Job Advertisement Riles Up Netizens

Die liao!

We're pretty sure each of you who've ever looked for a job has come across some ridiculous advertisements (ad) from companies that want you to do the job of three people for pay that's only slightly higher than what an intern would get. 

But sometimes, the ads get so bizarre that you start to wonder if the person (or company) that came up with the ad is even human as there's nothing humane about the demands. 

Social media user Areed Razman shared one such ad, asking his followers what they thought was wrong with it. 

The answer: Many (many) things! 

Sexist, discriminatory and unreasonable

When we first saw the ad, our first reaction was "no way!" but we found the link to it. 


Firstly, the ad describes the jobs of a copywriter, social media executive, photographer, videographer, editor, graphic designer, and a producer (anything else we missed?). 

Then there's the part about the person having to be a "single woman", "have lots of ideas and likes to smile", "can respond to customers till 12 am" and "cannot have depression, anxiety and other mental health issues". 

Say what?

For all that, you'd think the company would offer a RM20,000 pay, shares in the company, a small private island and more.

But nope. The lucky person who qualifies for the position will be paid a princely sum of RM2,000 and FREE FOOD!

Guess the company took all the memes and jokes that says "will work for food" literally. 

Netizens are not having it

Netizens were quick to call out the company (which we're not naming so we don't get sued or something) and their ridiculous requirements. 

We understand that the economy isn't exactly great right now because of the pandemic and all, but this is not OK. 

Can employers not take advantage of people's desperate need for a job ah? Ugh!

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