The Water Problem In Selangor Is So Bad That It Caught This American Scientist’s Attention

Our water problem is now international.

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The Water Problem In Selangor Is So Bad That It Caught This American Scientist’s Attention
The Star

Never-ending problem.

If there’s one issue that’s always never ending and persistent throughout the years for residents of Selangor, it’s definitely the water cuts.
This year alone residents have gone through multiple cuts due to water pollution, pipe bursts, and so on – so much that it has come to a point that we’re so frustrated that we’re not surprised if it happens again.
Well, the water issue in Selangor has been a prolonged issue for years, and now it has even grabbed the attention of American scientist, Raven Baxter.

“Maybe The Water On The Moon Is For Selangor?”

Selangorians are so fed up.
Raven recently tweeted that NASA has finally discovered water on the moon, which prompted various (hilarious and sad) replies from Malaysians about the water situation in Selangor.

The award-winning molecular scientist then addressed the issue by saying “We are celebrating water being found on the moon, but a significant portion of the retweets on this are from people in Selangor (Malaysia) experiencing a major water supply disruption due to pollution in raw water sources. We are not even meeting basic water needs on EARTH.”
The tweet has garnered over 9,000 retweets to date with many more Malaysians weighing in.
Although this is a serious crisis in our country, you can always count on Malaysians to inject some humour in the situation.
Baxter also added that she has learned a lot today and decided to pay attention to what was happening in parts of the world that she’s never been to or even heard of.
So there you have it Malaysians, our water crisis is now an international-level crisis.

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