MOH: Elections Not Advised But If Unavoidable, Must Follow Strict SOP

Can Malaysians follow the regulations though?

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MOH: Elections Not Advised But If Unavoidable, Must Follow Strict SOP
Elections or no elections? That is the question.

Tthe answer is something that most Malaysians cannot predict at this time. 

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, however, said that if possible, MOH would ask for all elections to be postponed for now. 

Postpone if possible.
“If we could, we would postpone any form of elections as we are also worried about having an election. 

“However if we have to, we use three principles. One is no crossing state or district lines, secondly no campaigning in large groups, and thirdly no walkabouts or home to home visits,” he said as reported by Malay Mail.

Simple enough but can it be done?

Dr Noor Hisham said that while the ministry was pushing to improve existing guidelines, it was compliance that was lacking. 

“When Act 342 was drafted, we did not foresee a pandemic. In 1988 we were looking at one locality of infectious disease. This time it’s the whole country, globally even.

“In fact, we had discussed amending it before the pandemic hit. We’ve already sent our plans to the attorney-general. We hope to see some progress soon,” he said.

Keeping infection rates down.
The guidelines seem simple enough but can all Malaysians (including our politicians) adhere to it?

We hope that the SOP and guidelines are tightened, approved and followed to the 'T'. 

The last thing we need is for the COVID-19 numbers to shoot up just like what happened after the Sabah state election. 

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