Scammers Dupe Doctor Into Buying 'Magical Lamp' That Can Conjure Up Genie

He lost RM386,000 to them!

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Scammers Dupe Doctor Into Buying 'Magical Lamp' That Can Conjure Up Genie
Fairy tales are not supposed to be taken literally.

Children may believe in the magic of fairy tales but it's not often that adults join in their fantasies as well.

One believer is a doctor from India.

He believed in fairy tales so much that it lead him to part with US$93,000 (RM386,000).

Laeek Khan lost the large sum after being duped into buying a lamp which he was told could conjure up a genie. 


After realising that he had been cheated, the doctor lodged a report on the matter.

He believed because he "saw" it for himself

According to a report in AFP quoting local media reports, in his police report, Laeek stated that one of the men who cheated him pretended to be an occultist and made a "jinn" appear from the lamp.

The men, however, managed to sell the lamp to Laeek, vowing that it would bring health, wealth and good fortune.

The "magic" lamp.
He later learnt that the "genie" that appeared when the lamp was rubbed was actually just one of the men in disguise.

"The cheats had struck a deal for much more, but the doctor had paid about seven million rupees ($93,000)," Amit Rai, a senior officer from state of Uttar Pradesh where the police report was lodged, told AFP.

He said the men have since been arrested.

They must have REALLY been convincing!

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