Malaysian Restaurant Operator Fined For Using Floor Cleaners As Sanitiser For Customers

Euw, no!

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Malaysian Restaurant Operator Fined For Using Floor Cleaners As Sanitiser For Customers
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Do you ever get the feeling that it just doesn't look right?

Have you ever been to a mall or a restaurant and you find the hand sanitiser provided by them seems a little bit… dodgy?
The texture, the smell, the look; everything is just off and you know for sure that this isn’t your normal hand sanitiser.
Well, your concerns are actually valid after all, as police officers recently fined a Negeri Sembilan operator for using another substance as sanitisers for customers.

"Floor cleaners are pocket-friendly"

According to Bernama, a restaurant operator in Jempul, Negeri Sembilan was fined RM1,000 for using a floor cleaner as a subsitute for hand sanitiser in order to save money.

The operator was caught after an inspection was conducted by the Jempol District Police and a few other agencies.

For the floor to your hands.

“The restaurateur says that the floor cleaner is more effective in killing bacteria on hands and it is also a cheaper option. This should not have happened in the first place as it may cause other problems to customers,” Jempol acting police chief DSP Mohd Hafiz Muhammad Nor said.
Besides being slapped with the floor cleaner fine, the operator was served with another four compounds for not wearing face masks, not providing entrance registration for customers, not providing a log book for customers, and not limiting the amount of customers in the restaurant at one time.
So, if you suspect a shop or restaurant that provides dubious sanitisers, it’s time to report them to the police. And to be safe, bring and use your own sanitisers whenever entering their premises.

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