Rude Awakening? There Are Over 5,500 Illegal Factories Currently Operating In Selangor

We wonder…

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Rude Awakening? There Are Over 5,500 Illegal Factories Currently Operating In Selangor

5,000 is a HUGE number (and problem!).

The word ‘shocking’ may not be the right term or an understatement for the magnitude of news we’re about to share.
You’ve probably heard of illegal factories operating freely in Malaysia but did you know that in Selangor alone, there are over 5,500 unlicensed factories?
According to Bernama, a total of 5,589 illegal factories were found in Selangor and 869 of them were located near rivers said State Local Government, Public Transport and New Village Development Committee chairman, Ng Sze Han.
From the 869 factories, majority of them were operating downstream or after water treatment plant intake points.
Abandoned recycling factory in Kuala Langat.
A whopping 569 illegal factories operated under the administration of Shah Alam City Council, 23 under Subang Jaya City Council, 20 under Klang Municipal Council, 155 under Kajang Municipal Council, 75 under Selayang Municipal Council, two under Sepang Municipal Council, 27 under Kuala Langat Municipal Council, 14 under Kuala Selangor District Council and seven under Hulu Selangor District Council.

Not All Factories Carry Out Illegal Activities

“The state government takes a serious view of unlicensed factories even though there are confusion on the status of such factories,” Ng said.
“I wish to clarify that unlicensed factories are factories which have temporary business licence but have yet to meet the technical conditions such land status, zoning or planning permission. They are not factories carrying out illegal activities,” he told the Selangor State Legislative Assembly sitting on Tuesday.
Authorities inspecting a heavy machinery maintenance plant in Rawang.
Ng added that the state government is giving these unlicensed factories a chance through the legalisation programme of illegal factories that ended on 30 September but has now been extended to 31 December due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
So Selangorians, if you connect the dots, we’re pretty sure you can make your own judgments as to why this problem exists.

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