Minister: No Need For MCO Because We're In Recovery Phase

But are you sure though?

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Minister: No Need For MCO Because We're In Recovery Phase

Can, but don't want.

Despite all our best efforts, the number of COVID-19 cases continue to increase.

The government is mulling several options that could help curb the spread, including revising the SOPs and conditional movement control order (CMCO):

But according to one minister, the government shouldn't reintroduce the movement control order (MCO).

Still under control?

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Special Functions) Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof told New Straits Times that there's no need for the government to reintroduce the MCO at the moment.

That's because he opined that the national crisis management mechanism is working and has proven successful.

The same mechanism has also helped prevent healthcare facilities from being overwhelmed, Mohd Redzuan said.

Although the reintroduction of the MCO could help curb the spread of the coronavirus further, Mohd Redzuan said that there's no need for one because "we are in the recovery and 'exit policy' phase."

Everything's under control...for now.
"If a total 'lockdown' is implemented, it will have a negative impact on the mental health (of the people) as well as the economy (of the country).

"The government is more prone towards implementing a balance-type of controls (between containing the virus and ensuring the sustainability of livelihoods).

"This includes educating the people to embrace the new normal such as exercising physical distancing and practising good hygiene such as cleaning hands frequently using soap or sanitiser," he was quoted as saying. 

As of Wednesday (4 November), there are a total of 10,339 active cases in Malaysia, so we really do hope that the situation is under control.

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