Woman Goes Out Of Her Way To Help Food Delivery Rider Stranded In Heavy Rain

We need more people like her!

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Woman Goes Out Of Her Way To Help Food Delivery Rider Stranded In Heavy Rain
Facebook/Kian Kee Teh

Saved by a kind-hearted Samaritan.

Kindness is what we need most during these difficult times.

Thankfully, when we need it most, kind-hearted Malaysians would show up out of nowhere to shower us with kindness.

One such kind Samaritan is a Penang woman, who won praises for going out of her way to help a food delivery rider who was caught in a heavy downpour.

Stopped to help

The poor rider was stuck in the rain.
Taking to her social media page, the woman by the name of Kian Kee Teh shared how she spotted the rider squatting by the side of the road in heavy rain while he was on his way to deliver food to his customer.

Upon closer inspection, Teh discovered that the food delivery rider was caught in the heavy rain and he was nervously checking on the food.

“In my heart I was thinking why he bothered about the food in such weather,” she wrote.

The poor rider was checking on the food.
She then got an umbrella from her car to shield him from the rain, but she discovered that the strap of his food warmer bag was damaged.

Without thinking twice, Teh offered to help him transport the food with her car while he led the way on his motorcycle.

She wrote that when they arrived at the destination, she stayed back to help explain the stituation to the customer in case the customer scolds him for turning up late.

“I did ask him whether he was returning home after this delivery but he said he still needs to make other deliveries,” she further said.

The woman's act of kindness won her praises from netizens, who praised her for going out of her way to help someone who is in need. 

No doubt, such a kind act deserves all the praises in the world!

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