[VIDEO] Old Clip Of Crashed Helicopter Performing Risky Stunt Surfaces Online


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[VIDEO] Old Clip Of Crashed Helicopter Performing Risky Stunt Surfaces Online

The helicopter was seen in an old clip performing a risky stunt.

On Sunday (9 November), residents of a small neighbourhood in Taman Melawati in Kuala Lumpur were stunned when a helicopter crashed near a school.

The crash reportedly killed two men, and their bodies were found still strapped to their seats in the helicopter.

According to New Straits Times, the helicopter grazed another helicopter and lost control moments before it crashed.

The other helicopter somehow managed to make an emergency landing at the school's field, and its occupants sustained minor injuries.

Seen in old video

Risky stunt?
Investigations are currently ongoing, but an old video of the helicopter performing a risky stunt has surfaced online.

In the clip, the helicopter can be seen performing a 'wingover' stunt, Malay Mail reported.

According to the news portal, a wingover is a combat manoeuvre that involves an aircraft making a steep climb and making an immediate reversal of direction, followed by a short, sharp descent.

The video was uploaded onto Instagram by user @whynot_lonewolf on 20 June.
Stopping near a group of cyclists.
The video shows the helicopter bearing the registration number of 9M-HCB swooping in close to the trees and landed close to a group of watching cyclists.

After a few minutes, the helicopter then took off sharply and zoomed down the descending hillside very close to the ground.

The stunt reportedly took place at Bukit Jugra in Kuala Langat Selangor.

According to the Instagram user, at the time, the helicopter was piloted by a “commander”.

However, it was not sure whether the commanger who piloted the helicopter during the wingover manoeuvre was the same commander, My Heli Club’s captain and chief flying instructor, Commander (Rtd) Mohamed Sabri Baharom, who was killed in the crash.

The other person who died in the crash has been identified as Mohamad Ifwan Rawi.

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