Celebrity Preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew Sends 10 Tonnes Of Food Items To Sabah

Bless his kind soul.

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Celebrity Preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew Sends 10 Tonnes Of Food Items To Sabah
Facebook/Ebit Lew

Helping those in need.

There's really no stopping celebrity preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew these days.

Recently, he bought two water tankers to help those in Selangor affected by the water disruptions:

And now that the people in Sabah are calling for help, it's Ustaz Ebit Lew to the rescue again!

Doing all he can to help

In his latest good deed, he sent a cargo of goods to aid people in Sabah who are experiencing escalated number of COVID-19 cases.

This was on top of the medical supplies he sent to the state just about a week ago.

Ebit Lew saving the day once again.
According to a report by Malay Mail, this time around, he sent a 10-tonne cargo consisting of basic food items from his very own Elews Mart warehouse.

The cargo was reportedly flown in from the Senai Airport in Johor Baru via cargo airline, My Jet Xpress Airlines.

The supplies were brought in using three of their own trucks.

Lew shared the news on his Facebook page last Thursday:

Lew wrote that he symphatised with the Sabahans who are suffering from the pandemic, and he decided to take matters into his own hands after receiving numerous requests for help.

Lew's good deed was met with praises and well wishes from netizens, and he deserve every single one of them.

We really do need people like him during this challenging times!

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