Is The End In Sight? US Drug Companies Claim To Have Safe COVID-19 Vaccine

The companies are pushing to get approvals by next month

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Is The End In Sight? US Drug Companies Claim To Have Safe COVID-19 Vaccine
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Could this be true?

The most anticipated news this year is possibly the discovery of a working COVID-19 vaccine, and it may finally be here! 

Several international news outlets reported that United States of America (USA) pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech have come up with a COVID-19 vaccine that can keep 90% of people safe from the virus. 

According to the reports, the vaccine had been tested on 43,500 people from six countries - US, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Turkey - and is found to be effective. 

Fast-tracking approval

reported that the developers are expected to have enough safety data by third week of November to start the process of getting approval for the vaccine. 

No other vaccine in history has ever been developed so rapidly or received approval so fast. 

The developers have said that they can produce up to 50 million vaccines by year-end and 1.3 billion by the end of 2021. 

Each person getting the vaccine will receive two doses, three weeks apart. 

Is it really safe and effective?

Tests look promising
According to New York Times, it's hard to determine how effective and safe the vaccine is until it is
given to millions of people. 

However, based on the clinical trials, the likelihood of the vaccine being effective and safe is pretty high. 

Pfized and BioNTech came up with four versions of COVID-19 vaccines before picking one with the least side effects. 

Cautiously optimistic

While there are still a few more steps before the vaccine is ready for public distribution, many, including scientists, are optimistic of the outcome. 

 Regius professor of medicine at Oxford University Sir John Bell told BBC that there are still challenges, but life could go back to normal soon. 

"I am probably the first guy to say that, but I will say that with some confidence," he told BBC. 

While the vaccine may be safe and available soon, who will be getting it first is another question altogether. 

USA is likely to be the first country to receive the vaccine, with talks of the United Kingdom receiving several million doses as well. 

As for the rest of the world, including Malaysia? We'll have to wait and see. 

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