Ketari ADUN Young Syefura Bashed For Having Birthday Picnic In Sepang During CMCO

Good examples come from good leaders.

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Ketari ADUN Young Syefura Bashed For Having Birthday Picnic In Sepang During CMCO
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Too little to late for apologies.

Hearing Malaysians getting fined or reprimanded during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) isn’t something new but hearing ministers or politicians getting off without must fuss for not following the SOP will probably make your blood boil.
On Monday (9 November), Ketari assemblywoman uploaded a few pictures of her and her friends celebrating her birthday by the beach.
The post went viral instantaneously and the DAP politician was lambasted by netizens for being irresponsible.
Ketari Adun and her friends.

Young Syefura or also known as Rara had a picnic birthday celebration at Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort.

Rara and her buddies were however photographed without any facemasks, and the group were also not practising social distancing.
Netizens accused her of abusing her powers as a politician by brazenly breaching the SOPs set by the government during the pandemic.
She later took down the photos and posted an apology.
“I apologise if my actions have broken the SOPs in place for Covid-19. I did not abuse my power as a state assemblyman to move within Selangor, the state I reside in.”
“I am willing to be investigated by the authorities if I have broken and SOPs. Thank you.”
She added that although she is an assemblywoman in Pahang, she currently resides in Selangor.

Several netizens have also pressured her into resigning following the controversial birthday celebration.
The National Security Council had banned a long list of activities including picnicking during the CMCO that was enforced in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya effective 14 October.
No action has been taken on the Ketari rep to date.

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