Rapid KL Staff Helps Woman In Labour Deliver Baby At Puchong Prima LRT Station

Quick thinking.

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Rapid KL Staff Helps Woman In Labour Deliver Baby At Puchong Prima LRT Station
Facebook/Rapid KL

Well done, ma'am!

Even though you might know your role well, you'll never know when life decides to throw something unexpected at you.

Just ask this kind kakak who works for Rapid KL.

A new 'role'

Not a normal day at work for a Rapid KL staff.
A Rapid KL staff had to double up her role as a midwife during one of her shifts.  

According to a report by Malay Mail, the incident happened at the Puchong Prima LRT station on the Sri Petaling line when Rapid KL employee Shahira Nurdiyana was on her break.

A press release by Prasarana said that the 32-year-old heard her colleague screaming, and when she went to investigate, she discovered a 36-year-old woman in labour near the ticketing counter.

The woman was taken to a treatment room by the cleaning supervisor.

While waiting for medical assistance to arrive, the baby boy decided to say hello to the world, with Shahira’s help.

According to Prasarana, both the mother and baby were sent to the Serdang Hospital for treatment afterwards.

Quick thinking, sis!
Shahira had reportedly just returned to worked after her maternity leave, and she used her recent childbirth experience to manage the situation.

For her quick-thinking hard word, she received a token of appreciation from Prasarana group chief operating officer Datin Norlia Noah.

Well done, Shahira! You are truly a life saver.

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