Zoo Negara Is Struggling To Generate Revenue, So They Need Our Help Again

Do help them if you can!

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Zoo Negara Is Struggling To Generate Revenue, So They Need Our Help Again
New Straits Times

Spare some change if you can.

Our national zoo, Zoo Negara, has been struggling for a while now, and Malaysians from all walks of life came together to help them weather through the tough times:

But now, they are in need of urgent help again.

Surviving on donations

Help our animal friends out a bit.
Since the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) was imposed in the Klang Valley, Zoo Negara has been struggling to generate income, The Star Online reported.

That is because Zoo Negara’s revenue mainly comes from visitors, but the CMCO makes it hard for Malaysians to visit the school.

“Our revenue stream is from gate collection. When we are not open, revenue stream is affected,” a Zoo Negara spokesperson was quoted as saying.

According to the spokesperson, the food and medication costs for the animals at the zoo sums up to about RM4.8mil a year, or roughly RM400,000 a month.

Zoo Negara is currently depending on farmers who donate unsold fruits and vegetables to feed the animals, but even such donations are less frequent now.

“We welcome their help but we don’t give our animals what humans can’t eat. The animals are well taken care of and eat quality food, ” he was quoted as saying.

Zoo Negara needs our help more than ever now, and if you wish to donate, please visit their website at for more information.

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