For The Love Of Family: Perak Musician Selling Off Prized Violin For RM20,000 To Care For Ill Father

Do help her out guys!

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For The Love Of Family: Perak Musician Selling Off Prized Violin For RM20,000 To Care For Ill Father
Twitter/Endang Hyder

Family is more important.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many people hard.

One such person who has had a difficult time making ends meet is Perak-based violinist Endang Hyder, also known as Ell Zain Hyder.

Forced to sell her belongings

Help her out if you can, yeah?
Recently, she was forced to put her beloved violin up for sale on social media to help take care of her ill father.

According to her posts on social media, she badly needed the money to ease her family’s financial burden and to buy her father a new wheelchair.

Her father, Zainuddin Ottok, is a diabetic and a double amputee.

“I still have enough in my savings for now but because of our situation and the COVID-19 pandemic, it will run out eventually.

“I’m not the type to ask for handouts or beg for donations. So, I was left with the option to sell a few of my things. I’ve already sold my electric violin and now I’m left with the more expensive one,” she told Malay Mail.
  And now, she's letting go of her high-end Otto Jos Klier (OJ Klier) violin, and selling it off woud help out in the near future.

Endang said that she worked multiple jobs to purchase the violin in  2001, as it was priced at RM10,000 then.

The 34-year-old also added that the violin comes with the maker’s and previous owner’s certificates, and she has even insured the violin and its bows for a value of more than RM20,000.

However, she’s willing to let go of her precious violin at a price lower than that.
Despite her hardship, Endang insisted that she doesn't want donations or free handouts.

“My dad doesn’t have legs anymore and his left hand is getting weaker too. Luckily I had enough savings to buy him a new electric wheelchair yesterday.

“But after that purchase and the other stuff we need like personal care products and his medication, I’m running a bit low on funds.

“I have quite a number of people to feed. I have three kids and I also take care of my mom,” she told Malay Mail. If you know anyone who loves violins and would love to help out, do reach out to Endang through her Twitter page @EndangHyder.

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