Be Prepared For CMCO To Be Extended If COVID-19 Cases Keep Increasing

Is this how house arrest feels?

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Be Prepared For CMCO To Be Extended If COVID-19 Cases Keep Increasing

Mask up, sanitise often and maintain physical distancing

This year will probably end with those of us living in states with high number of COVID-19 positive cases spending Christmas, New Year's Eve and all the days before at home. 

Many are getting sick and tired of the Movement Control Order (MCO) - whether it's the full lockdown, RMCO, CMCO or any other variant - but it looks like we're far from free from the impact of the pandemic. 

With the positive cases almost hitting 2,000, the government is not discounting the possibility of extending CMCO in some states until the end of the year.

Will depend on Health Ministry's risk assessment


Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Special Functions) Mohd Redzuan Yusof said that measures are being taken to prevent new cases and reduce the number of current cases. 

However, if the number of cases keep increasing, an extension of the CMCO until year-end is a possibility. 

"The CMCO is implemented based on risk assessments conducted by the health ministry for every area. This takes into account the number of cases and the infection rate in a locality.

"The government will study the need to implement CMCO until the end of the year if there’s a rise in the number of cases,” he said at the parliament on 23 November. 

If we don’t want the CMCO, EMCO and segala jenis MCOs with confusing SOP to continue, we have to keep our masks on, sanitise our hands often, avoid crowded places etc. 

Let’s hope this pandemic goes away soon. 

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