Knock! Knock! Mysterious Knockings Causing A Stir Among Residents In Sabak Bernam

Who's behind it?

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Knock! Knock! Mysterious Knockings Causing A Stir Among Residents In Sabak Bernam
Mysterious knockings are causing sleepless nights for villagers in Sabak Bernam.

Located about 130km from Kuala Lumpur, villagers here have been reporting mysterious knocks on their doors at night. 

When they attend to the knocks and open their doors, they are greeted with nothing. 

Sometimes the knocks are quite soft but in one video, loud knocks can be heard.

The person holding the camera is seen opening the door, discovering that no one is outside.

Another video shows what looks like an apparition standing at a distance.

This video is quite iffy but it's been going viral as well.


Knocks also coming from inside the house

In a report by Harian Metro, 38-year-old Mhd Khairol Anuar Mhd Zaini is qouted as saying that he also heard knocks from inside his house. 

"The knocks were loud. It was as it someone was trying to get into the house fast.

"When I peaked through the window, I did not see anyone knocking. Minutes later, I heard loud knocks again but this time it came from the bathroom inside my house," said the Kampung Batu 37 resident. 

Who's knocking on my door?
He said that that particular bathroom had not been used for quite some time.

"My whole body started shivering and I got goosebumps," he told the daily.

Similar occurances have also been reported Kampung Tengah and Kampung Banting there.

Police investigating the matter

Netizens have been discussing all sorts of theories including the fact that it could just be a group of youngsters who were trying to spook everyone but because of the volume of reports, the police have also stepped in.

A report by Sinar Harian quotes Sabak Bernam districk police chief Supt Agus Salim Mohd Alias warning that stern action would be taken against anyone found to be behind the incident. 

"The person or persons involved could be taken action against under Section 447 of the Penal Code of Section 13(1)(c) of teh Minor Offences Act 1955," he told the daily.

He also said that the police have received reports from a village leader and 24 other residents who experienced similar disturbances and said that police were looking into the matter.

So, what do you think?

Human, animal or paranormal? What's being the knockings?

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