"Zombie Minks" Culled For Fear of Coronavirus Resurfaces From Mass Grave In Denmark

The revenge of the zombie minks?

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Poor minks

A few weeks ago, the Denmark government decided to cull up to 15 million minks over concerns of the mutated novel coronavirus.

It was believed that the mutated virus could pose a threat to the development of COVID-19 vaccines but the government has since decided that the threat has "very likely been extinguished".

The Guardian reported that thousands of minks have already been killed but in a macabre turn of events, the bodies of the killed and burried minks are resurfacing.

Netizens are calling it "Zombie minks"

Considering all that has happened in 2020, concerns over the "resurfacing" of dead minks seem pretty legitimate. 

According to reports, the bodies of thousands of minks had started to rise from the earth soon after their mass burial. 

This may sound scary, but the reason for the incident is not all that crazy. 

Experts have said that the minks should have been buried at least six-feet under, but the authorities buried them shallow graves which were only five-feet deep. 

The reason for deeper graves is because animals release gasses when decomposition happens. In this case, the gas pushed the animals back to the surface. 

It also didn't help that the minks were buried in sandy soil in West Jutland., which is much lighter.

Concerns over the impact of the incident

Poor animals!
Experts and local politicians in Denmark have raised concerns about the incident but not over fear of a zombie mink apocalypse. 

The burial site of the minks were said to be too close to lakes and underground water sources, creating the possibility of contaminating the ground and drinking water supplies. 

Authorities are monitoring the situation and we hope the decision to cull millions of innocent animals will not come back to bite the people in their bum-bums. 

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