If You See This Street Snack At A Night Market In Thailand, Don't Buy And Eat It!

Run away far far.

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If You See This Street Snack At A Night Market In Thailand, Don't Buy And Eat It!

Beware, you guys!

You know how much we Malaysians love our street food, so it's no surprise that Thailand resonates with most of us.

They are known for their pasar malam and of course, their super yummy street food.

However, when the whole pandemic thing is over and we're allowed to travel again, do keep in mind to stay away from a certain street snack, OK?

A matter of life and death

According to a report by Bangkok Post, authorities in Thailand have found that street snack operators at a street market in Pathum Thani have been found selling poisonous octopus.

Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources issued a warning after a woman stumbled upon a stall that is selling grilled blue-ringed octopus.

According to the authorities, a blue-ringed octopus contains a dangerous poison that cannot be destroyed no matter how you cook it.

To make things scarier, there's also reportedly no antidote for the poison.

Sumana Khachornwattanakul, director of the Marine and Coastal Resources Research & Development Institute, said that the blue-ringed octopus is sometimes found in restaurants and seafood markets because vendors are not aware that it is poisonous.

Small but deadly.
Despite its size, a blue-ringed octopus can carry enough venom to kill 26 adult humans within minutes, according to Ocean Conservancy.

Their bites are tiny and often painless, but it can result in heart failure, respiratory arrest, total paralysis, blindness and in serious cases, death, if left untreated.

So, consider yourselves warned, guys! Do not simply put things into your mouth, OK?

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