Taiwanese Man Asks Girlfriend To Pay For Two Dumplings She Ate From His Meal

Good move or a really bad one?

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Taiwanese Man Asks Girlfriend To Pay For Two Dumplings She Ate From His Meal
Jason Goh from Pixabay

Dumped over dumplings?

How many of you are guilty of "stealing" your partner's food? A few fries here, a bite or two of food there... it's normal right?

As is splitting the bill or even taking turns paying for food when you're out on dates. 

Apparently, this kind of flexibility does not exist in all relationships. 

Pay up! 

According to a report by Mothership Singapore, a couple in Taiwan who have been dating for three months now always split the bill when they go on dates.

However, during one restaurant visit the girlfriend was left hurt when her boyfriend proved to be a little too calculative. 

The woman said she recently visited a dumpling restaurant with her boyfriend where he had ordered 15 dumplings while she ordered some curry potstickers, she shared on an anonymous Taiwanese confession page on Facebook.

While eating, her boyfriend asked her if she wanted some of his dumplings.


To that, she said she wanted to try two.

The drama happened after the meal when they were about to pay for their meals.

Apparently, the boyfriend insisted that she pay for the two dumplings that she ate, which he calculated to be NT$16 (RM2.30).

Puzzled but not wanting to spoil the mood, she paid him NT$20 (RM2.88).

In the post, she said she was shocked by his actions and was not "fussed" about paying extra, but "deep in my heart it feels weird". She also wondered if she was overthinking about a small matter. 

Aiyo! So calculative over two dumplings ah? 

What do you guys think? Is the woman overthinking or should she just cut her losses and date someone more generous with their food?

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