[VIDEO] Miss Thailand Beauty Queens Tumble Into Dirty Pool As Bridge Gives Way During Photoshoot


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[VIDEO] Miss Thailand Beauty Queens Tumble Into Dirty Pool As Bridge Gives Way During Photoshoot

It's all fun and games...

Photoshoots are fun, right?

Well, not if you're one of these girls. 

A photoshoot to remember

What was supposed to be a fun photoshoot, turned out to be quite an experience for a group of Miss Thailand pageant contestants.

A video showing the group of girls falling into a dirty pool while posing for photos have gone viral on social media.

Seconds before disaster.
In the 16-second clip, some of the contestants were seen standing on a bridge at a cafe in Chiang Mai for the photoshoot.

Some of the girls were holding drinks, smiling, waving and genuinely enjoying their day in the sun...except that the wonky bridge made of ropes had other plans for them.

Seconds later, the bridge snapped and dumped them into the dirty pool below.

Brace for impact!
Despite their predicament, most of the contestants remained calm and had a smile on their faces as they climbed out of the pool.

Onlookers also gave the girls a helping hand to help them climb out of the pool.

Here's the full video:

According to a report by Daily Mail, three of the contestants were injured in the fall and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

One reportedly suffered cuts and bruises on her forehead, while the other two suffered minor scrapes.

The owner of the cafe, Worapot Chatkanjana, donated 500,000 Baht (RM67,449) to cover the contestants' medical bills.

The 43-year-old even offered to pay for the other contestants to have their clothes cleaned professionally.  

Well, we guess this is one photoshoot the girls will not soon forget.

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