Johor Police To Go After Those With Fancy Number Plates, To Start With Cops First

Follow the rules!

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Johor Police To Go After Those With Fancy Number Plates, To Start With Cops First

Have you noticed how some vehicle owners drive around town with plates that spell out words?

Well, it's actually illegal.

If you have one of these 'fancy plates' and you live in Johor, best to get them changed ASAP.

More like mafan.
(Of course, if you live anywhere else in Malaysia pun, change lah!)

This is because the cops in Johor have launched an operation to nab people with fancy vehicle number plates that do not adhere to the standard specifications.

Starting with the cops first

Announcing the operation, Johor police chief Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said that they would start the from within the force itself.
Aiming for fancy plates.
"We will start from the Johor Police headquarters in Johor Baru first. We are talking about society, but there are some officers and policemen who do not follow the rules too.

"Since January this year, a total of 9,985 people have been fined for having 'fancy' number plates," he said during a recent press conference.

Datuk Ayob added that among some of the excuses given were that the drivers wanted to be unique, that it was stylish and different from others.

"It doesn't matter if they're a Mat Rempit or a businessman, but they seem to want to show their status through these 'fancy' number plates," he said as reported by Berita Harian.

Unique but illegal

FYI, fancy plates also include those with unique letterings or numbers that are confusing or difficult to read.

"As a result, when there are speed traps, hit and run cases or other crime related cases that require for vehicle number plate identification, these individuals (the ones with fancy number plates) escape lawful action," he said.

Those found to have fancy number plates can be taken action against under Section 4 of the Road Transport Act 1987, Rule 6(1) LN173/69 and Section 108 (3)(F) of the Road Transport Act 1987. 
NAS 4 ok what? No?According to JPJ's website, there are only three standard specifications when it comes to vehicle number plates.

  1. White letters and numbers are affixed or bounced over a black frame.

  2. White letters and numbers are affixed or embossed over red frames for embassy vehicles, United Nations and the International Natural Rubber Association.

  3. Black letters and numbers are bounced over white frame for taxi or rental cars.

Here are the measurement specifications for vehicle number plates.

So guys, we know you want to stand out and be different or whatever but there's no need to break the law k. 

Don't be a BAB1.

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