Kedah MB: Padang Terap District Officer Did Not Get Approval To Name 'FFira Mikah' Mini Stadium


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Kedah MB: Padang Terap District Officer Did Not Get Approval To Name 'FFira Mikah' Mini Stadium
Sinar Harian

Oh no, how now, brown cow?

Earlier this week, the naming of a mini stadium in Kedah stirred up quite a controversy both online and offline.

Unfortunately, a recent revelation would further stir the pot a bit more.

Sneaky move

Kedah Mentri Besar, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, told Malay Mail that the naming of the FFira Mikah Mini Stadium in Kuala Nerang near Padang Terap was not done in accordance to the proper procedure required by state laws.

The naming of public places typically requires an approval from the state government executive council, but this matter was only discussed at the local government level, Muhammad Sanusi revealed.

What's in a name?
“The naming of all roads, parks, locations and stadiums is required to be discussed at local government level and then brought to the state exco meeting for approval,” he was quoted as saying.

When asked if the district officer who was in charge of naming the stadium would be reprimanded, Muhammad Sanusi told the website that the state government secretary will be looking into the matter.

For the time being, the name of the mini stadium will likely be changed as Muhammad Sanusi said "new names have been suggested at the exco meeting for approval".

Someone's in trouble.
Earlier this week, Padang Terap district officer Hakim Ariff Md Noor came under fire for officiating the opening of the Ffira Mikah Mini Stadium, which, if you look really closely, is actually a reverse of his name.

Hakim told Sinar Harian that he certainly did not name the stadium after himself.

Instead, he has claimed that the name of the stadum is a combination of Arabic and Spanish or Greek words.

Strangely, a Google check revealed that ‘ffira’ was not recognised as Spanish or Greek, but is auto-detected as a Bulgarian word which means ‘wastage’.

Well, judging by how much money went down the drain to name and rename the stadium, the name is kinda apt, don't you think?

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