All For His Wife's Smile: Compilation Video Of Husband Dancing Into Home After Work Goes Viral


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All For His Wife's Smile: Compilation Video Of Husband Dancing Into Home After Work Goes Viral
When you enter your home after a long day at work, what's the first thing you do?

Put everything down and run for the bathroom? 

Just slouch on the couch and chill for a bit? 

Turn on some music and relax?

Everyone has their own 'I'm back home from work' routine, but this 25-year-old's routine takes the cake. 

Marketing consultant, Haissazc Hisham, usually dances into his home as soon as he enters his front door all because he wants to put a smile on his wife's face.

"I started doing this about three months ago. When I come into the door, I just want to make my wife happy, so I dance. 

"She's been working from home as a freelance content creator while I have been heading out to the office. 

I don't have fixed working hours so sometimes I only come back after 12 hours of work. At the end of that, all I want is to make my wife smile," he said when speaking to Rojak Daily

Haissacz said he and his wife, 32-year-old Nurul Damia, just recently got married and it has been quite a journey starting a family during a pandemic. 

A dance compilation

  As for the dance compilation going viral, Haizzacz said he was truly shocked. 

"I shared it on Twitter, and my friends reposted it, but the next day when I got up, the views just multiplied. It's now reached more than a million views!" he exclaimed.


When asked if there was a certain song in his head when he busts out the dance moves, Hazzacz promptly replied "No, la". 

"I just let my body move however it wants. If you notice, most of the moves are similar. That's all the steps I know!" he said adding that some of the movements were from Zapin performances that he took part in during school.

He also said that many wives had tagged their husband in the tweet and he usually would post an apology for unintentionally raising the bar for husbands.

"I did not mean to cause trouble. I was only thinking of my wife," he said adding that Nurul Damia also sometimes dances with him, but that bit isn't recorded.

We love the cute relationship between these two lovebirds. 

May you continue finding ways to make each other happy for years and years to come! 

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