[VIDEO] CCTV Footage Showing A 'Pontianak' Hitching A Ride On Motorcycle Spooks Netizens


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[VIDEO] CCTV Footage Showing A 'Pontianak' Hitching A Ride On Motorcycle Spooks Netizens

Hitchhikers not allowed.

Who doesn't love a good hantu story or sighting, right? 

This time, we have a pretty creepy one courtesy of our neighbour Indonesia.

Motorcyclist threw up after

A short clip of a purported pontianak sighting has gone massively viral on social media.

According to Indonesian website Liputan 6, the sighting was recorded by a CCTV camera in West Java.

The nine-second clip shows a motorcyclist crossing an empty bridge, but unbeknownst to him, a creepy mysterious figure in white can be seen riding pillion on his motorcycle.

Based on the timestamp in the video, the sighting reportedly took place last Wednesday (16 December) at 2am.

Here's the creepy video:

According to the caption, the motorcyclist, who happens to be a vegetable seller, was on his way to the market when the pontianak was spotted hitching a ride.

“At the hanging bridge in Kampung Utan, Depok… The story is that a vegetable seller was on his way to shop at the Citayam Market riding his motorcycle. He threw up once he got to the market. Someone at the market asked him which way he took… then he asked the CCTV recording from a security officer, and behold the appearance,” the caption reads.

Mixed reactions

A local resident, Fathur, told Liputan 6 that the bridge, known as the Blue Bridge to the locals of Kampung Utan, has a rather spooky reputation. 

Fathur told the news portal that he gets goosebumps when he crosses the same bridge at night.

He also added that other motorists would experience the same creepy feelings when passing the bridge.

That might not even be a ghost.
While netizens were quick to believe the sighting, Indonesian officials have since responded to the viral video clip.

Wendy Noor, who heads the the Pondok Jaya sub-district's government and public order unit, said that there's a logical explanation to the clip.  

“When we saw the video, she didn’t look like a kuntilanak, but a person who rode on the motorbike. But it depends on the public’s perception,” Wendy said.

“No need to exaggerate and change the stigma of the place, which may cause the public to be afraid when they have to cross the bridge, because I’m sure it was a human being,” she was quoted as saying.

Although we do love a good unexplainable hantu sighting, it does look like a human riding the motorcycle. What do you guys think?

On a seperate note, if you want to go pontianak-hunting, here are some of the places in Malaysia you can go to:

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