Users Will Soon Have To Pay To Use Telegram’s Services In 2021

Take note, guys!

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Users Will Soon Have To Pay To Use Telegram’s Services In 2021
Carl Court/Getty Images via Entrepreneur

Team Telegram or Team Whatsapp?

We know there are a lot of you out there who enjoy using Telegram as means to communicate online as compared to its rival, WhatsApp.
The app is currently free of charge and has over 500 million users worldwide.
But in a few days time, as we usher in the new year, you may have to pay for some of Telegram’s features or services.


Wonder which services will be charged for...
According to AFP, the messaging app will launch pay-for services in 2021.
Telegram’s Russian-born founder Pavel Durov says the company would need at least a few hundred million dollars per year” to sustain.
"Telegram will begin to generate revenue, starting next year," Durov said in a statement.
"We will be able to launch countless new features and welcome billions of new users."
The 36-year-old founder also said that he has no plans to sell the app and therefore needed to look for other ways to come up with funding.
Durov added that the existing free features would remain free in 2021.
No word yet on how much users will be charged on what kind of services offered but it’s not too long until we find out.

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