PDRM's MPV Unit Now Equipped With Bulletproof, Stab-Resistant Jackets To Deal With Baddies

The jackets are also light-reflective!

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PDRM's MPV Unit Now Equipped With Bulletproof, Stab-Resistant Jackets To Deal With Baddies

Better equipped to tackle baddies.

It's time to suit up, boys in blue!

Members of the PDRM's Mobile Patrol Vehicle (MPV) unit have now been armed with better protection to go up against hardened criminals.

New toy, who dis?

Malay Mail reported that the policemen in the unit will be sporting light-reflective jackets that are bulletproof and stab-resistant. 

Bukit Aman Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department (JPJKK) director Datuk Zainal Abidin Kasim told the news portal that the first batch involved 800 units of the protective gear, and they have already been distributed to all state police contingents nationwide.

Prior to this, our men in blue are equipped with just light reflection safety jackets without any safety features, so this new jackets would definitely be an upgrade. 

The distribution of the protective gears depends on their respective needs and criminal tendencies in each state, said Zainal Abidin.

“The Johor police received 100 units of the jackets due to the fact that the contingent is large and there are 13 police districts as well as the risk of frequent incidents occurring.

“We distribute the jackets according to the policing needs, especially for Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang,” he said.

Suit up, abang polis!
He added that the jackets, which weighs about four kilograms, not only deliver ballistic protection against 9mm calibre gunfire and protection from stabbing, it also comes with light reflection to aid the cops on night duty.

The protective gear reportedly has a life span of 10 years, Zainal Abidin revealed.

This came after the PDRM looked into the challenges faced by our men in blue in the country in facing criminals who are armed. 

Our men in blue definitely need this upgrade. Stay safe out there, you guys!

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