Indonesian Man Duped By Buyer Who Paid Him Using Hand-Drawn Money

Poor fellow!

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Indonesian Man Duped By Buyer Who Paid Him Using Hand-Drawn Money

oh no!

Stories of people being scammed are aplenty in today’s world.

However, here’s one that could tickle your funny bone.

An Indonesian man who wanted to sell off his used phone, thought he got lucky when he found a willing buyer online.

According to a report by Mashable SEA quoting Indonesian news portals, the anonymous buyer requested to meet up at midnight to purchase the phone.

Despite the suspicious hour, the seller met the buyer at midnight on 16 December.

A quick buy

The seller, in his police report, said that the buying and selling was done in a rush.

The seller handed over the phone and the buyer handed over the cash amounting to US$63 (RM254.52) before speeding off on his bike.

When the seller took a closer look at the money, he was shocked to find fake IDR100,000 "banknotes" drawn on white multipurpose paper using a red marker!

The worst part was, the drawing resembled a pre-schooler's work of art.

What the?

Hand-drawn notes.
The seller than attempted to call the buyer but unfortunately the number could not be reached.

Gosh, this guy must be hitting his head on the wall!

Why didn't he count the money before handing over the phone? That could have saved a lot of headache. 

Haih...Let's just all learn from his experience and never be too trusting of anyone!

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