Food Supply To Orang Asli Village In Pahang Cut Off Due To Floods? Ebit Lew To The Rescue

Superman is here to save the day again.

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Food Supply To Orang Asli Village In Pahang Cut Off Due To Floods? Ebit Lew To The Rescue
Facebook/Ebit Lew

Lew to the rescue

Last year, celebrity preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew has been in the news for all the right reasons.

From sending medical supplies to frontliners to helping a family in need, Lew has been doing all he can to help the underprivileged.

It looks like Lew has started 2021 the way he ended 2020: by helping those in need.

Villagers in dire need of supplies

Lew brought along food supplies to the village.
According to Malay Mail, the preacher travelled all the way to an Orang Asli village in Pahang to help families that were displaced by the recent floods.

No thanks to the heavy downpour and the subsequent flooding, the food supply at Kampung Poloh Hinai in Pekan, Pahang was disrupted for almost six days.

But thanks to Lew, the 300 villagers now have a steady stream of food supply after the little sundry shop at the village ran out of supplies.

Taking to his Facebook page, Lew, who also runs a minimart called Elewsmart that caters to the needy, said he brought along some food supplies to be distributed to the villagers.

“We brought along 500 sets of food and other food supplies.

“I also gave some pocket money to the mothers and children,” he wrote.

Lew also said that he rushed to the village from Jerantut after hearing about the villagers' plight, and he spent the entire day on a boat to help distribute the supplies.

“We went with eight boats, travelling from one place to another,” he said, adding that the exercise lasted from 8am to 3pm.

Heart of gold

Ustaz Ebit Lew is no stranger to helping those in need.

Over the past few years, the 36-year-old has selflessly put all his time and effort into making sure that those who need help get it, regardless of age and race.

Here are some of his most notable contributions to the society:

Opening a chain of convenience stores

In June 2020, Lew opened a chain of convenience stores called ElewsMart as a way to "give back to the community". On top of making sure that the prices of the items in ElewsMart are reasonably priced, Lew revealed that he also plans to open up food banks in his convenience stores to help those in need.

Buying two water tankers to help areas affected by water cuts 


A post shared by Ebit Lew (@ebitlew)

2020 is also known as the year of unscheduled water cuts, but thankfully, we have Ebit Lew. He bought two water tankers in October and worked the entire night to make sure that residents in Batu Caves and its surrounding areas get clean water supply during an emergency water cut. 

Sending a plane-load of supplies to Sabah

When frontliners in COVID-19-hit Sabah appealed for help, who else but Ebit Lew to the rescue? The preacher rented a cargo plan and sent 10 tonnes of supplies consisting of basic food items from his very own Elews Mart warehouse to aid people in Sabah who are experiencing escalated number of COVID-19 cases.

Offering free hotel stays for families

Hotel stays can be expensive, especially when you're waiting for a family member to get well after a surgery. Ebit Lew, in November, offered free hotel stays for family members whose kin are being treated at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) or the National Heart Institute (IJN).

Donating food to Zoo Negara

Ebit Lew doesn't just help his fellow brethens, he takes care of animals too. When Zoo Negara called for help from the public to feed its animals, Lew was one of the first to answer the call. He sent food supplies consisting of 200kg of cow meat and 500kg of fruits and vegetables to Zoo Negara on the same day the plight was made.

Helping an aunty service her car

When the plight of an old aunty who works as a FoodPanda delivery driver in her trusty old Perodua Kancil went viral, Ebit Lew volunteered to pay for the service of her car, as well as absorbing the cost of changing all four of its tyres. He also promised to visit her house soon to fix leaking pipes and whatever’s broken.

Offering accomodation to a family in need

Recently, Ebit Lew came to the rescue of a family of five who was forced to live in their car for eight months after their house burned down back in April. Lew rented a three-bedroom house for the family so that they have a comfortable place to stay while waiting for government aid.

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