Check Out This Cool Mural In The Heart Of KL That Looks Amazing In The Morning And Lights Up At Night!


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Check Out This Cool Mural In The Heart Of KL That Looks Amazing In The Morning And Lights Up At Night!
We love how local mural artists have been earning recognition all over the country recently.

We've seen some pretty remarkable murals making the headlines these last few years, but this new mural we discovered is something else altogether. 

Located along Jalan Panggung and Jalan Balai Polis (somewhere near Petaling Street lah), this striking mural looks stunning in the morning and - the part we lololove the most - it lights up at night!

A dreamy delight!

A unique project

When contacted by Rojak Daily, mural artist Abdul Rashid better known as Abdulrashade said he was truly enraptured by the idea of infusing a light installation to his mural. 

A talented artist.

"The inspiration behind the mural was friendship and life. It has a dreamy imaginary feel and it is centered around all the things we love and miss doing because of being stuck at home," he said. 

He added that the design included landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Mout Fuji, the pyramids and even a windmill. 

At the top, a glorious winking sun with rosy cheeks is featured.


"This piece illustrates the adventures I'd love to go on with my friends once we can travel. It also has a dreamy feel to it, and that's why you'll see elements like the astronaut and the orcas too," he said. 

Of orcas, astronauts and lolly pops.

A lighted twist

Being involved in the design industry for close to 20 years, Abdulrashade said that when he heard about the idea and concept to include a light installation as part of the mural, he was determined to get the project.

"This is a collaboration with OPPO for their latest Reno 5 phone, and it was exciting to me that lights were to be included as well. It just brings a whole new aspect to the mural," he said, explaining that the lights are ignited by a tandem bicycle using a dynamo.


"When two ride on the bicycle together, the mural comes alive and lights up. 

"The sun will set, and the moon will come out with unicorns and stars lighting up one after another. It's pretty cool," he said, adding that this was the first time he had worked on this type of mural. 

When asked how he felt after the piece was completed, Abdulrashade said that it felt like the whole team had created a new benchmark for murals. 

A beautiful story that unfolds at night.
"It's quite exciting because it brings a new interactive element to the mural. Maybe I'll work with lasers in the future? Who knows?" he laughed.

He said that while most would not be able to travel to the location due to the Movement Control Order at the moment, hopefully, many people will enjoy it once the COVID-19 numbers go down. 

For now, we shall just settle with gaping at the pictures from a distance.

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