‘I Didn’t Know MCMC Was Using My Account’: Man Who Sold Twitter Account On The Whole MCMC Fiasco

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  • Wednesday, 13 January 2021
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‘I Didn’t Know MCMC Was Using My Account’: Man Who Sold Twitter Account On The Whole MCMC Fiasco
In case you haven't been on Twitter lately, and by lately we mean last night and today, the biggest story (beating even the Emergency Declaration) was of old tweets on Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) Twitter handle @SKMM_MCMC. 

It all started when MCMC tweeted out an advisory, calling on all Malaysians to beware what they share on social media. 

That prompted some netizens, for some strange reason, to go through all of MCMC's previous tweets and discovered something really mind-boggling.

The account, which has since gone dark, was caught having tweeted some pretty interesting things using some very colourful language. 

Most of the tweets were from seven years ago and contained language you can't repeat on a family-friendly site like Rojak Daily but suffice to say, it did not meet with MCMC's own advice of reminding social media users to be mindful of their posts. 

Some of the tweets were crude, homophobic and parts of it even contained an engaging story of teenage love and heartbreak. 

MCMC claims the account was hacked

Whatever we may think of the tweets and following backlash, we have to commend MCMC on it's quick action of suspending the account and releasing a statement. 

The government agency has said that the Twitter account was hacked by a irresponsible party, but is it even possible to hack into a Twitter account and post hundreds of backdated tweets? Any experts out there can explain this to us?

Needless to say, many netizens did not buy MCMC's story of their account getting hacked.

Twitter user claims the tweets belonged to him

So, what actually happened? 

Since the tweets and MCMC's page went viral, Twitter user @NazruiHakim, who goes by the name Naz, has come forward to say that he was the person behind the not-so-impressive tweets. 

Naz told Rojak Daily he realised that MCMC's account was using his old account when he saw tweet handles that he and his friends used to use when they were still in school. 

The 22-year-old said he used the Twitter account when he was 15 or 16 years old.

"I used the account since my schooling days. Then I switched it to a parody account tweeting 'jiwang' (lovey-dovey) things before switching back to more personal stuff," he told us in a text message. 

Naz said that he was not aware that MCMC was using his account. 

"Honestly, I didn't know MCMC was using the account. I sold it to someone who went by the name @SaidOsem," he said. 

He added that the person bought his account that had about 50,000 followers by then. Naz couldn't remember the exact amout he sold his account for but thinks it's somewhere between RM1,000 and RM1,300. 

Naz said that he was shocked by the sudden attention he's been getting but also a little sad. 

"I'm shocked. I didn't think something like this could happen. 

"At the same time, I'm sad because my old tweets had a lot of curse words and people find it to be a joke," he explained. 

Naz said he was initially unfazed by what was going on but he's now uncomfortable because what he wrote as an immature teenager has now become something that's being talked about.

"These thing, people will remember and I'll get bullied for sure," he said. 
Naz even apologised for things he tweeted years ago and admitted to his mistakes. 

While Naz sounds sincere and could perhaps be the person behind the tweets, we'd still like to tell our readers that we haven't been able to verify the claims. 

So, please take whatever is said with a pinch of salt. 

Plenty of trolling

Malaysians, as usual, brought out their best jokes and teases when the tweets started appearing. 

There's even an MCMC parody page that appeared soon after MCMC suspended it's twitter page. 
Well.... the page isn't wrong about holding those in power accountable. It'll be interesting to see if MCMC actually comes up with a better explanation than "we got hacked. Don't believe everything you see." 
We'd love to share more of the tweets with you but they are mostly NSFW so just go search for Twitter and see for yourselves. 

We'd also like to know how Naz managed to get 50,000 followers tweeting the things he did. Could you give us some tips, please?

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