Filipino Boy Unknowingly Spends RM8,400 On Games Using Parent's Debit Card

The boy is doing OK

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Filipino Boy Unknowingly Spends RM8,400 On Games Using Parent's Debit Card

Poor boy looks horrified

Have you done anything when you were young where you thought it'll be safer to run away from home and live on the streets than face your parent's wrath? 

Well, we doubt many things you've done would have been quite as bad as what Filipino boy, Tice, did. 

The eight-year-old unknowingly spent 100,000 peso (around RM8,400) in only two days on mobile games. 

The child is alive and well

We can't decide who looks more 'kesian' here
The first thought that came to our minds when we heard the story was: "My parents would have killed me!". 

In fact, that was the reaction of every single person in our team. 

However, Tice is kinda lucky. 

His parents, Julmar Grace Locsin and Jay Locsin, let him go with just a spanking. 

Not that we condone violence against someone smaller and at another person's mercy, but considering that the parents are Asians, it could have been much worse. 

Tice even got a hug after. 

What actually happened?

Julmar shared the story on her Facebook and the story got the attention of local as well as international media within days. 

The couple gave Tice Jay's old phone for Christmas and the phone was still connected to the latter's Google Play which was connected to his debit card. 

According to Julmar's post, mobile time for her children (Tice has a twin) is limited and they are only allowed Super Book times, Messenger Kids with cousins and friends, and War Robots.

This is just one page
"He got some spanking because he downloaded more games without asking permission. When asked after, he reasoned that the old games were too easy for him and he thought all the downloads were free.

"He cried a lot after we talked about it and forgave him. He was very sorry (and was too cute with those irresistible eyes).

"We explained that they are worth MORE THAN all the money in the world but following rules is also a good life skill to abide," she wrote. 

Awww... lucky for the boy, his parents love him so much and have a sense of humour! 

We're sure he feels rotten and would be more careful in the future. 

According to the post, the damage was estimated to be around 40,000 (RM3,364) peso initially, but only after all the drama did they realise it was even more! 

Julmar said that parental control and passwords have been added on Tice's phone since then. 

Looks like it was as much a lesson for the parents as the kid! 

Refund have been requested but whether it'll be sucessful remains to be seen. 

Whichever way it goes, the family unit seem loving and strong. What's money in the face of such devotion?

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