All For Food: Woman In The UK Fined For Breaking Lockdown Rules...By Driving 160km To Buy Food!


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All For Food: Woman In The UK Fined For Breaking Lockdown Rules...By Driving 160km To Buy Food!
Some people eat to live, and there are some who live to eat.

This woman from the United Kingdom belongs to the latter.

All for a burger

The woman was reportedly slapped with a fine for taking a road trip to buy food, British newspaper Evening Standard reported. 

While it may sound like something a normal Malaysian would do, this woman actually drove 160km to buy food!

According to the newspaper, the unidentified woman, who is her 30s, had travelled from the town of Lincolnshire to Scarborough just to have some burgers with her sister. 

Boy, that's a long drive for a burger.
North Yorkshire Police chief inspector Rachel Wood told the newspaper that the woman had violated strict lockdown regulations in the UK, which only permit essential travel during the pandemic.

“Driving through three counties to get a burger is not classed as essential travel," Wood was quoted as saying.

For her troubles, the woman was slapped with a £200 (RM1,104) fine.

Boy, that burger must have been da bomb!

The Malaysian version

While you can say that it was extremely stupid for the woman to get fined just for going on a road trip, some of us Malaysians are not that bright either, as some of them were arrested for doing some really stupid things during our very own lockdown.

#1 Food, glorious food

A group of 24 people were detained by the cops for queuing up to buy nasi lemak at a stall in Balik Pulau at 2am. 

A Group Of Malaysians Arrested By The Police For Buying Nasi Lemak At 2am

It's the damn ikan bilis sambal! Too hard to resist!The group even refused to disperse when officers arrived at the scene and told them to do so!

FMT later reported that the 22 customers and the two sellers were ordered to undergo three months community service for the offence.

#2 We live to jog

Now almost everyone got so angry with this group of 'privileged joggers' from Mont Kiara.

Despite repeated calls to stay at home, pictures of joggers leaving their houses to get their daily exercise went viral on social media.

Some were even pictured bringing along their kids!

Anywhoooo, after a final warning by the cops, a total of 11 of them were eventually arrested for not obeying the MCO!

Nowhere To Run: 11 Joggers Reportedly Arrested In Mont Kiara For Not Obeying MCO

#3 The need to prove that your cock is stronger

Chill, we're talking about the cock-a-doodle-doo kinda cocks here.

Those poor animals!As COVID-19 number steadily rise, this group of men decided, hey, let's organise a cockfight!

According to a report in The Star, the three were arrested in Balingian, Sibu and officials also seized three roosters (one alive, two dead), six plastic chairs, six cockfighting spurs and a total of RM185 from them.

Funnily enough, this group of three were not the only ones to defy the MCO to organise a cockfight, The Dayak Daily reported on another group of three men who were caught for the same offence.

They were fined RM500 each and jailed three months. 

#5 The need to throw water at each other

Now, this is a whole new level of epicness.

According to a report by Astro Awani, police recently arrested a group of 62 people for being involved in organising a water festival in Sepang.

Epic, kan?

The group, who were all from Myanmar, were said to have put together the event at their worker's quarters.

Two of them even admitted to filming the "joyous occasion" and uploading it on Facebook.

No matter what it may be, just stay at home and obey the SOPs put in place by the authorities, OK?

This is definitely not the time to go breaking the rules, especially when we are all working hard to flatten the COVID-19 curve once again.

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