Wedding Cakes That Look Like Private Parts Creating Quite A Buzz In Japan


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Wedding Cakes That Look Like Private Parts Creating Quite A Buzz In Japan

Do you have a friend getting hitched soon? 

We know a gift that is sure to stand out! 

It's creating quite a buzz in Japan.... genital-shaped Manju cakes.

Is that a mushroom?

A traditional Japanese cake

For those of you that don't know, Manju is actually a traditional Japanese confection. 

It is esentially steamed cakes made of soft wheat dough which is usually filled with sweet red bean paste. 

The traditional Manju cakes are also quite harmless looking,  a stark constrast to the genital-shaped Manju known as Inyo Manju or "Ying and Yang Manju".

A traditional delight.

According to a report by SoraNews 24, the provocatively-shaped Manju was created by a small business called Kimura Seika located at Ibaraki Prefecture and is meant to be presented to couples to wish them a blissful married life.

Feasting on privates....errrrr

The article said that the Inyo Manju was quite a hit among locals and was meant to pay tribute to a nearby Inyo Shrine, a popular spot for marriage-related deity worship.

The deity worship began after the 17th-Century feudal lord Tokugawa Mitsukuni discovered rocks in the area which looked like male and female genitals.


So, we guess this could explain why this particular bakery decided to come up with these genital-shaped cakes.

What will they come up with next?

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