[PHOTOS] It’s Unusually Snowing In The Sahara Desert But The Views Are Mesmerising

Maybe Elsa showed up?

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[PHOTOS] It’s Unusually Snowing In The Sahara Desert But The Views Are Mesmerising
Karim Bouchetata/Bav Media/Abu Nayef Fawaz Al-Harbi/ Magnus News


If someone mentions the Sahara Desert, the first thing that comes to mind is the scorching heat and endless sand dunes.
But what if one day, it starts snowing and temperatures dip as low as -2 Celsius?
Blankets of powdery white snow cover the usual brown hues of the Sahara making it a peculiar sight.

Maybe it's Elsa or maybe it's just global warming

Icy dunes.
What a sight!
The unusual incident recently took place at parts of the Sahara Desert and at the Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia, which is close to the Jordan border.
According to The Sun, the area experienced unusual weather since 10 January.
The last time Saudi Arabie experienced snowfall was in 2018.
Besides Tabuk, snow also fell near the desert town of Aïn Séfra in Algeria.
Sheep enjoying the snow.
Paw Patrol.
January is the coldest month in Saudi Arabia, with the temperatures hitting an average of 20.2 degrees Celsius.
AccuWeather senior meteorologist Eric Leister said while it is rare for the region to have snow, it is not completely out of the ordinary.
Researchers however, found that the desert has grown significantly over the past century due to climate change.
Beautiful ripples.
It's snowing in Tabuk.
Professor Sumant Nigam, an atmospheric and oceanic scientist at the University of Maryland and the senior author of the study, said: "Our results are specific to the Sahara, but they likely have implications for the world's other deserts."
At this rate, who knows what other bizarre weather occurrences may appear thanks to the rapid climate change.

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