Fashion Designers, Listen Up! Jimmy Choo Is Opening A Fashion Academy In London Soon

Heels galore

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Fashion Designers, Listen Up! Jimmy Choo Is Opening A Fashion Academy In London Soon
Mention Jimmy Choo, and most people instantly think of luxurious, beautifully designed high-heeled shoes. 

The man behind the world-renowned brand is now hoping to teach budding designers the trade.


Well, it's going to be through his brand new fashion academy located at Mayfair in London. 

Right in the heart of the fashion capital.

"The Academy has been years in planning, so we are delighted to be opening its doors this September," said Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo in a statement.

“London is a global fashion hub and has created many of the world’s most exciting and ground-breaking designers.

"Rarely though do these designers leave higher education armed with the combined knowledge, skills and resources needed to create, launch and build brands successfully on the global stage.

“The Academy will help bridge those gaps and truly nurture internationally-focused and highly entrepreneurial design talent," he added. 

According to Daily Mail, the courses at the fashion academy will cost about £18,000 a year (that's roughly RM 99,607.67).


Inspired by his children

The Penang-born luxury footwear pioneer said that the idea to open the academy was first brought up by his children and he has been working for years to realise it. 

A bold vision.

"My vision for the academy is to teach them my knowledge for design, but also to have a business mind as well," he said.

Although Choo is currently based at his home in Kuala Lumpur, he explained that he would be a familiar face around campus as well. 

"London is still home to me, so I'll be in and out.

"I want to see what they're doing. I want to talk to them, to make sure they come to the academy to study, not because they want to be famous," he said. 

An exciting opportunity.
Looks like an exciting opportunity for budding fashion designers. 

To learn more about the academy, head on over to

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