Survey: Malaysia Ranks In Bottom Half Of Mobile Internet Speed List Among ASEAN Countries


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Survey: Malaysia Ranks In Bottom Half Of Mobile Internet Speed List Among ASEAN Countries
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Like a potato.

OK, it is no secret that the internet speed in Malaysia is not the fastest.

But it took a recent internet speed test survey to show us just how much slower our internet speed is compared to our neighbours in the region.

Much work still needs to be done

The world's leading internet diagnostic website Speedtest recently revealed its Global Index for December 2020 survey, and with it came some pretty interesting revelations.

For one, Malaysia ranked number seven when it came to mobile internet speed in the ASEAN region, with an average speed of 25.6Mbps.

That puts us behind Singapore (66.82Mbps), Thailand (51.75Mbps), Vietnam (34.51Mbps), Brunei (34.32Mbps), Laos (28.28Mbps) and Myanmar (26.08Mbps). 

We also have to point out that some of the countries in the list, we must note, have already launched their commercial 5G services, hence their insane mobile internet speed. The countries are Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos. 

Malaysia initially planned to roll out our very own commercial 5G services by Q3 of last year, but it has since been postponed to 2023 as the government is focusing on expanding and strenghtening 4G coverage in the country.

Fast, but also not fast.
However, Malaysia redeemed itself in the fixed broadband speed category, as we were ranked third in the region.

Malaysia has an average fixed broadband download speed of 93.67Mbps, but it still pales in comparison to the top two: Thailand (308.35Mbps) and Singapore (245.31Mbps).

In fact, both Thailand and Singapore have the fastest fixed broadband speeds IN THE WORLD, edging out Hong Kong (226.80Mbps).

For comparison sake, Malaysia's 25.6Mbps mobile internet speed is ranked number 87 worldwide, while our 93.67Mbps average fixed broadband speed is ranked at number 44.

Clearly, Malaysia has lots to do to catch up with our neighbours when it comes to internet speeds - providing if our ministers can stop blaming the rakyat every time the issue of slow internet is brought up for one minute.

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