This Hotel In Penang Has Set Up A Roadside Stall To Sell Dishes For Just RM3 During The MCO

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This Hotel In Penang Has Set Up A Roadside Stall To Sell Dishes For Just RM3 During The MCO

Working hard to survive.

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on economies around the world, forcing many businesses to shut down.

It is quite sad to see that many businesses, big or small, doing the best they can to survive.

However, a hotel in Penang is trying to reinvent themselves during these tough times.

When push comes to shove

Not letting a pandemic close them down.
Instead of closing down their business, the hotel's manager and his staff chose to set up a roadside food stall to make it through the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The manager of the Red Rock Hotel, Jeffrey Lim, told Bernama that they had to find other ways to make money in light of how things are going at the moment.

And because Malaysians love food and Penang is known as the food haven of the world (ahem!), setting up a food stall is the way to go.

The roadside stall has since garnered tonnes of attention online after a video of Lim promoting the food while while holding up a placard went viral on Twitter recently.
The hotel’s roadside food stall offers tomyam meehoon, fried rice, and chicken rice, among others, and the dishes have been attracting lots of customers as they managed to sell 150 packs of food from 7am to 10am last Tuesday (2 February) alone, the news agency reported.

We are pretty sure the dishes are yummy, but the buzz around the hotel's roadside stall may be due to its cheap price: each dish is only sold for RM3.

On top of that, Lim told Bernama that you won't be having the same food twice.

Lots of choices to choose from.
“We will change the menu every week. All (of them cost) RM3,” said Lim.

We are happy that there are some small businesses out there who are reinventing themselves to survive the tough times.

If you're nearby, do stop by to support struggling businesses like the Red Rock Hotel, yeah?

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