A Story Of How Returning A Lost Purse Resulted In A Delivery Rider Earning More Income

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A Story Of How Returning A Lost Purse Resulted In A Delivery Rider Earning More Income
A good deed done with no expectations of a reward can actually be satisfying in many other ways as discovered by delivery rider Dedee Laksmana Ra’e.

Dedee shared with Malay Mail how he found a purse by the roadside late last year which he decided to return to the owner. 

The simple deed opened up other opportunities for him to earn some money.

Here’s how the story goes.

Going out of the way to help

When the 38-year-old found the purse owner’s identity card in the purse, he searched for her on Facebook.

“I tried my luck by going through Facebook, and surprisingly, I managed to track the person down based on the identity card’s name.”

“I tried messaging the person, but she did not respond,” he said.

Not giving up, Dedee then travelled from his home in Sungai Buloh to the address stated on the identity card the next day.

“When I started my journey, I was not sure whether the person was still staying at the address, which is in Klang,” he said.

Dedee was in luck because he found the purse owner at the address and returned the purse.

The grateful purse owner offered a monetary reward to Dedee, but he declined.

Dedee also refused to leave his name and contact number with the purse owner.

As a last resort, the purse owner requested to take Dedee’s photo to be shared on social media to which he agreed.

A friendship blossoms

Dedee’s story which was shared by the woman, later attracted Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock restaurant owner Ernest Ong who wanted to treat him.

Dedee agreed and after meeting, the duo’s friendship blossomed.

When Ong started marketing his white coffee and was looking for a delivery personnel, guess who he called? 

Dedee of course and he's been getting a steady income since. 

“I always believe if one is truthful, hardworking and sincere, they will surely have rezeki,” Dedee told Malay Mail.

We're glad that your kindness has been returned in a different way.

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