New COVID-19 SOP: Ministers To Use Private Jets On Govt Trips, Malaysians Angered

This comes after the new three-day quarantine ruling.

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New COVID-19 SOP: Ministers To Use Private Jets On Govt Trips, Malaysians Angered

Is travel even necessary during the pandemic?

Recently, the local internet was on fire when the Health Ministry announced a new ruling exempting ministers returning from official trips abroad from serving the mandatory 10-day quarantine for COVID-19 prevention.
Ministers now would only have to serve three days of quarantine, which attracted massive backlash from Malaysians as they felt that Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba was practising double standards.
And now, another new ruling has added fuel to Malaysians’ raging fire.

Private planes for ministers

Berikut SOP ketat bagi tugasan rasmi menteri ke luar negara mengikut pergerakan 'Travel Buble'. Sumber Wisma Putra

Posted by KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA on Tuesday, 9 February 2021

According to the Malay Mail, a new SOP from the Foreign Ministry shared by the Health Ministry indicates that government officials on official trips must use a private plane to avoid a ‘travel bubble’.
Upon arrival at the foreign airport, ministers must again be tested for COVID-19, with only those testing negative allowed to continue their journey.
Ministers will also not be allowed to move around once arriving at their destination country and must be confined to their rooms unless for official reasons.

Malaysians are not happy at all

This new ruling has not only attracted the attention of the rakyat, but also the attention of our hardworking frontliners.
Some felt dissatisfied with the double standards treatment given to ministers.
Do you think the government will announce another new ‘special’ SOP for our ministers soon?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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