[VIDEOS & PICTURES] This Fiery Crash Due To A Joyride In SG Is A Reminder To Never Speed

So many lives lost.

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[VIDEOS & PICTURES] This Fiery Crash Due To A Joyride In SG Is A Reminder To Never Speed
We've been told this again and again. 

Don't speed. Follow the speed limit. Speed kills. 

Unfortunately, most of us tend to forget the very real dangers of speeding.

A group of friends in Singapore, however, ended up losing their lives due to it.

According to Mothership, the driver of the car, Jonathan Long, 29, had purchased a white BMW M4 Coupe a few months ago and wanted to bring a few friends for a joyride when tragedy struck.

Eugene Yap, 29, Elvin Tan Yong Hao, 28, Teo Qi Xiang, 26, Gary Wong Hong Chieh, 29 died on the spot when the vehicle crashed into a vacant shoplot along Tanjong Pagar in Singapore and burst into flames.

Gone forever. Jonathan Long, Eugene Yap, Gary Wong Hong Chieh and Elvin Tan Yong Hao were among the men that were killed in the crash.

Bursting into flames.

Lives lost.

A horrific accident.
Totally wrecked.

A shocking clip later emerged showing the white car speeding through the narrow stretch. 

Girlfriend of driver fighting for life

Other than the five men, the crash also claimed another victim.

26-year-old Raybe Oh Siew Huey who saw what happened, rushed to the burning vehicle to try and save her boyfriend who was driving and the other men trapped in the car.

Unfortunately, Raybe ended up sustaining 80% burns on her body instead. 

Fighting to stay alive.

The Malaysian-born woman is currently fighting for her life at the Singapore General Hospital. 

Since the incident occured early Saturday morning (13 February), the crash has remained in the headlines in Singapore with many questioning why the driver was so reckless. 

One Singaporean even did a rough calculation of how fast the car was going and estimated that it was speeding at 200km/h.

That's crazy fast!

So guys, learn from this incident and be careful lah

It may seem like fun to speed but the risks are very very real. 

Just keep that in mind.  

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