A Misunderstanding: Media Prima Says NTV7 Won't Be Shutting Down To Make Way For Didik TV

Goodbye to the feel good channel.

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A Misunderstanding: Media Prima Says NTV7 Won't Be Shutting Down To Make Way For Didik TV
Malaysians, remember how we were all sad that NTV7 is closing down to make way for Didik TV, there might be a slight  major misunderstanding there. 

According to a report by Malay Mail, Media Prima Berhad, the owners of NTV7 have stressed that they were not shutting down the channel. 

“Media Prima Berhad would like to clarify that there has been no change in the ownership of our television channel under Media Prima Television Networks, Natseven TV Sdn Bhd (ntv7), and that it has not ceased operations as perceived and reported by certain quarters,” it said in a statement.

Certain quarters = all of Malaysia yesterday.

Educational content.
Media Prima added that Didik TV KPM was a strategic commercial collaboration with the Ministry of Education aimed at providing access to quality education for local students.

"DidikTV KPM will broadcast teaching and learning content based on MoE's curriculum and co-curriculum as well as other exciting education-related programmes including edutainment content. 

"It will also feature content that empowers knowledge, good values whilst also building a platform for a well-informed society," it said in the statement.

We're still not absolutely sure what this means. 

Will NTV7 return once Didik TV is not needed? Or will normal NTV7 programming be aired once the Didik TV section ends?

We'll try and update you once we get more information too.

Malaysians remember the good times

Most Malaysians are still unaware of this confusion though. 

#NTV7 remained trending on Twitter with many remembering the many shows they enjoyed watching on the station.

Boasting content aimed at the urban audience, NTV which launched on 7 April 1998 was a blessing to many households and a welcome addition to the few free to air channels available in the country.

It was home to feel good series.
It was also the only channel that brought in mega US based shows such as 'Friends', 'Charmed', 'Ally McBeal', 'Everybody Loves Raymond', 'Late Show with David Letterman', 'The Simpsons' and many more.

Malaysians were also introduced to hit shows such as 'The Amazing Race', 'Survivor' and 'Who Wants To Be A Millionare throught NTV7'.

Basically, all the cool kids confirm watch this channel lah.

Following the announcement that NTV7 would be replaced with Didik TV starting today (at least that's what most of us thought), many Malaysians took to social media to convey their thanks to the station and also remember some of the beloved shows that were first brought in by the feel good channel. 


The channel to watch cartoons and anime

The channel for anime fans.
Other than a host of US-based English shows, NTV7 was also THE place to catch cartoons and anime such as 'Slamdunk', 'Crayon Sin Chan', 'Samurai X', 'Cardcaptor Sakura', 'Kamen Rider' and 'Doreamon'.


A lovely selection of shows

Because of it's bold look and approach, quite a number of local productions made it big because of NTV7.

From sitcoms such as 'Spanar Jaya' and 'Kopitiam', talkshows such as 'The Breakfast Show' and 'Bella', game shows such as 'Roda Impian' and the Malaysian version of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' hosted by Jalaluddin Hassan, Malaysians loved them all!


The station also aired memorable telenovelas such as 'Yo Soy Betty La Fea', 'Mis Tres Hermanes' and 'Maria Mercedes' and Taiwanese dramas including 'Meteor Garden'.

Iconic sitcoms from Singapore namely 'Pua Chu Kang' and 'Under One Roof' were also introduced to Malaysians via NTV7.

As for news, NTV7 was also the preferred choice among urban households.

The reports were impactful, the anchors were memorable and the content was engaging. 



Haih.... so many many good memories.

Thank you NTV7 for all the years of entertainment and for bringing such joy to our homes.

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