Senior Police Officer: Malaysia Is Heading Towards Becoming Gangsters' Paradise

Cue Coolio song.

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Senior Police Officer: Malaysia Is Heading Towards Becoming Gangsters' Paradise

Chan Ho Nam has joined the chat.

Remember back in school, you have friends joining small gangster-wannabe groups and start wreaking havoc all around the school?

(No? Just us?)

Well, it looks like they've all grown up and all ready to take over Malaysia.

Gangsters are more aggresive now

A senior police official has warned that the country could soon be overrun by gangsters if they're left unchecked, Malay Mail reported.

Datuk Dev Kumar, the deputy director of Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department, told Malay daily Utusan Malaysia that police investigations since 2013 have revealed that there are currently 72 known and active gangs in the country.

These 72 known gangs have a total of 9,042 members, Dev further revealed.

That's a lot of gangsters running around, don't you think?

If left uncheck, they will run Malaysia.
Of the 72 gangs, the police have confirmed that 49 of them were established in 2013, while the remaining 23 were formed in 2015.

According to Dev, the police are anticipating an increased in gangsterism as aggresive gangs are now blatantly involved in turf wars and getting themselves more involved in criminal activities.

“These gangs are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve their objectives,” he was quoted as saying. 

The MCO effect

Off to jail you go!
Although the COVID-19 pandemic and the movement control order (MCO) has hampered gang activities, Dev revealed that the gangs still have control over their respective turfs to commit crime such as gambling or drug pushing.

Hence, the police are currently running Ops Cantas to track down and arrest aggressive gang members.

If caught, these gang members can be prosecuted under Section 43 of the Societies Act 1966. 

So, those of you who are thinking of running away and joining the gangsters, better think twice, OK?

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